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London Vinson

London Vinson
Transaction Coordinator

Newly licenced does not equal inexperienced when looking at the vast knowledge London possesses. Starting in real estate in 2016 as an admin provided London the basis to soar on every level of the industry. She has overseen transaction coordination processes for multiple agents and teams in the DMV simultaneously and truly masters it all. As a transaction coordinator I have successfully managed hundreds of deals helping agents to make it from first point of contact to close. As a transaction coordinator of her own company, LYV Transactions LLC, she works behind the scenes to keep all of The Greene Grp deals moving by making sure all paperwork and deadlines are completely met. While working with the Greene Group for 2 years, she has been creating a strong base allowing the agents to get out and better serve their clients. She is ready to help make your home ownership goals a seamless and educational process now.

For questions about The Greene Grp processes and what to expect throughout your transaction contact London.